Original Art Cover Re-Do with Color Print!

Image of Original Art Cover Re-Do with Color Print!

$185.00 - On Sale

The 11x17 black and white art is done by hand in inks with brush and quill using the highest quality art materials (no sharpies or microns in any of our work) and we then scan, color and cleanup the original in a printed form either at the same 11x17 size or at COMIC BOOK SIZE which you can then display with the original art. Example is a previous commission so you get an idea of what you'd be ordering-- you pick the characters and situations, or have a cover redone the way you want it.

We can work either in our own style or mimic the original style of the artist (with some slight differences-- we will not just trace another artists work).

$210 shipped in the US $220 shipped world wide.